How do you dew?

If you’re all about self-care, then this is the right spot for you!

Written by Fleur Boomsma

After your sweat session, you’re invited to have a seat to cool down in the lounge area. Refreshments will be served! // FLEUR BOOMSMA

After your sweat session, you’re invited to have a seat to cool down in the lounge area. Refreshments will be served! // FLEUR BOOMSMA

Dew Sweat House. Want to feel dewy? No pun intended! If you’re all about ‘self-care’, this is the right spot for you. Feel like the Los Angeles and New York City celebrities who attend these sweat lodges to either relax, detoxify, or even boost their metabolism. You’ll definitely feel sweaty and amazing afterwards.

These sweat houses have been positively preached on Ellen, the Kardashians and other famous talk shows. Dew is co-owned by Sue Kuruvilla and Julianne Smola, who opened up this spot after their life-changing experience in LA and New York City.


People have been enjoying this experience in the United States for quite some time. However, these franchise companies had no interest in bringing this experience to Canada, which is why Smola and Kuruvilla found themselves the perfect opportunity to bring their own idea to Toronto’s East End.

“It takes some crappy life experiences before you realize that need to take care of your health,” Smola says, “we bought into the philosophy and we thought we could turn this into a really good brand from an experience perspective.”


Really, the process is simple. They wrap you in a big infrared blanked, you watch your favourite Netflix series for about an hour. When you’re finished you get to relax in the post-sweat lounge and enjoy freshly cut oranges with some tea.


“I usually describe it as two phases, the relaxing phase and the work out phase where your heart rate goes up a lot,” says Smole, who describes the sweat experience.

According to Dew’s website, their infrared heat blankets “safely raise your body’s core temperature without warming the air around you, promoting a deeper, more intense sweat.”

Besides Smola and Kuruvilla wanting to bring a different kind of self-care experience to the Toronto market, they also offer “cancer patients who have completed treatment their first sweat session for free”.

Being treated for cancer is a full-time job, Smole says, between going to your chemo, radiation and following up with blood tests etc. can be really exhausting. This made her realize that there isn’t a lot of financial support and time to do anything beneficial for yourself beyond the prescribed treatment.

“What we wanted to do is give people a break from a financial perspective and the opportunity to take care of yourself in a way that is nice,” Smole says.

Nothing beats this zen experience. You get to sweat as if you’re working out while watching your favourite Netflix show. Does anything sound better (or more LA)?

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