Pinkerton’s Snack Bar: Riverdale’s trendy hot-spot for good eats and good beats

by Via Dulay

At 1026 Gerrard St. E. stands one of Riverdale’s newest additions to the food and beverage scene.

Everything from the industrial style tables and chairs, to the open-brick walls, to the customized traffic light letting people know when last call is, Pinkerton’s has made its mark as the go-to bar because of its unique perspective on everything from eats to beats.

With this dim-lit and cozy bar being only a little over a year old, it has gained its popularity with the Riverdale community because of its welcoming environment, delicious fusion food items, a vast selection of locally crafted beers and its reputation for being an advocate of women’s safety and security with the #OrderaDiana campaign.

The smell of small food items like the King Mushroom Nappa Rolls, B.C. Tuna Tostadas and Steamed Bao Buns linger in the restaurant while cans of locally brewed beer from Henderson’s, Lost Craft and Kensington Brewing Company get cracked open. You can’t help but socialize with the table that’s one-foot away from yours and talk about the food, music and vibes that this place encapsulates.

Owner Marc Baglio along with Maple Leaf Tavern owner Todd Morgan have made their reputable mark in the local bar scene by making patrons feel like they have many faces to turn to when they are not feeling safe in a bar environment. By ordering a “Diana” from a server or a bartender, it provides a way for both parties to “exit uneasy situations safely and without much noise”, says Jordan, a regular customer that comes to Pinkerton’s every Wednesday after work. It is truly meant to be a place that brings people together and the staff want to make sure the guests walk in happy and leave happy.

Pinkerton’s Snack Bar has revolutionized the “hole in the wall” bar scene with roots and values that run deep with Riverdale residents, multicultural experiences that take you from Toronto to Vietnam and introduces an entirely new meaning to inclusivity and safe space for all. 

Pinkerton's Snack Bar
1026 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z5
(416) 855-1460