Hailed Coffee infuses the neighbourhood....mmm chocolate

Hailed Coffee has quickly established itself as a great addition to the stretch along the lonely but up-and-coming stretch of Gerrard near the beer store (and neighbour Saturday Dinette). There are many reasons to visit this wholly unique take on coffee culture but perhaps the best reason for people not coffee-inclined might be their chocolate.

Specifically, their cardamon-infused chocolate, which could possibly be the closest you'll get to divinity outside of your place-of-worship. Brilliantly, owner Salim Bamakhrama has created tiny bite size samples in the shape of coffee beans that melt into your mouth after a hit of java (or not). A tiny satchel of these little droppings of gold goes for about $5 and you might find yourself dropping in any afternoon when you need a boost. We sampled bags and bags of the stuff and passed them around to staff and people we know, and the feedback was positively hyperbolic. Along with the cardamon-flavoured stuff, there's also a white chocolate version, and a coffee flavoured version (with a slight crunch), but for us, the cardamon one is the standout.