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Riverdale Park photo by Dale Robertson

Riverdale has become one of Toronto's most liveable neighbourhoods by being just within reach of the booming city, but far enough away to feel like a village retreat from it all. It's the area's instant charm: a womb-like escape from city life, but with all the amenities of modern life nearby. Those of us who have lived here for some time have become accustomed to its negotiated treaty with the modern city, but only if you give us our two giant parks in between, and enough culture north and south of us to satisfy our curiosities in between lazy reclines in the hammock. 
We are lucky to make this place our home in the city, and so we created Best Of Riverdale as a tribute to our unlikely idyll.

If a stranger dropped into our patch of the city, we'd hope this would be the guidebook that would wash up on their iPhoneโ€“an efficient starter guide to everything that's good in the 'hood. Happy exploring. :)


Patron Saint: Gerald Whyte, RIP. 
Founding Sponsor: Lewis + Company
Secret Foodies: We consult regularly with friends in the 'hood about food + drink stuff that appears on the site, and we keep them secret so as to keep businesses honest. Maybe you know some of us. ;)

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